Statham First Baptist Church

Statham First Baptist Church


Statham First Baptist Church

Our Mission: To magnify Christ while reaching Statham and surrounding communities one person at a time.

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starting Sunday, June 7th at 9:00 AM & 10:30AM

What will Sundays look like?

Polling suggests about 1/3 of the church family will be at the early service and about 2/3 at the late service.  We will still offer services online, understanding that some will be more cautious about returning at this time.

Greeters & Doors:  Greeters will be stationed at the back door (by main parking lot) and side door (by guest parking).  They will hold the doors open for everyone, so that the only hands that touch the doors are theirs.  They will remain behind the glass doors as they greet to minimize risk of infection.  Other doors will be locked at this time, again, to minimize high touch areas.  Also, we will not be offering paper newsletters at this time.

Masks & GlovesMasks and gloves will be available for those who’d like them.  Unfortunately, due to widespread shortages, there will not be hand sanitizing stations available.  Masks and gloves are not required for attendance

RestroomsThe restrooms nearest the sanctuary will be open (by the baptistry).  However, they will be limited to one person at a time.  Volunteers will wipe down handles on doors, sinks, and toilets after every use.  While we understand that restrooms are necessary for our younger children and adults with medical conditions, we encourage people to use them at home before coming in order to help minimize the restroom traffic at church.

Social Distancing:  Most churches as they reopen are adding worship services to ensure good social distancing.  With our two services and reworked seating plan in the sanctuary, you and your family should have 6-9 feet between you and the next closest occupied seat.  Every other pew will be closed off as well as alternating half pews to best ensure health and safety.  Please abide by the markings on the pews so that people can worship comfortably.  The easy-to-remember rule for seating: “Don’t sit on the green painter’s tape.”

High Touch Areas:  There are several high touch areas in the church, of course.  Our cleaning service will have deep cleaned the entire church prior to our reopening.  Before each service, door handles, pews, bathrooms, and other high touch areas will be wiped down.  We ask that people stay out of classrooms, fellowship hall, and children’s wing so that we do not risk contaminating other parts of the church.

Children’s Church:  There will be no children’s church or nursery at this time (kids don’t social distance well).

The OfferingOffering boxes will be mounted at the front of the church for folks to drop in their offering before or after the service.  There will be no passing of the offering plates.